You’re going to learn some confidence tricks today that just plain work.  They’re practical do’s and don’ts that have been tested and proven in the dating arena.  They’ll work for anyone who uses them regardless of who they are.

These confidence tricks will change your lackluster dating attempts into amazing approach victories.  They’ll allow you to start enjoying the fullness of a healthy dating lifestyle.

Let’s talk a minute about the human pyramid.  Each person builds their lifestyle on the foundation of past experiences.  The reason most men lack confidence is because they’ve had poor or even bad experiences in the past.  Because they keep looking to the past they keep living in it.  It’s time to stop living in the past and look to your future.  If your lifestyle isn’t working it’s time to build a new life pyramid, starting with these confidence tips.


  • Look for excuses to not approach women.  You’re either looking for a solution or looking for an excuse.  If you find yourself making an excuse to not approach a woman you must label that as loser thinking.  Immediately find a solution to that excuse and take action on it.
  • Fidget it will make her nervous and she doesn’t like feeling nervous so she won’t like you.
  • Appear nervous for the same reason.  Women are feeling magnets.  They pick up the feelings of others and feel that way themselves.  Then they punish or reward you accordingly.
  • Slouch or you’ll be seen as a lazy loser.  It’s unattractive and screams low self esteem, every woman’s nightmare.
  • Talk too softly because she doesn’t want to have to work to hear your voice.  She’s looking for an uplifting experience.
  • Stop putting yourself down.  That kind of self talk is what’s defeating you before you ever get started.
  • Be shy or you’ll be shot down before you ever open your mouth.


  • Make eye contact.  The eyes are “the window to the soul” and every woman sees you through your eyes.
  • Be positive by thinking positive thoughts and speaking positive things.  A positive attitude makes her feel great about you.
  • Believe in yourself.  If you don’t believe you’re a great catch nobody else will.
  • Be naturally charming.  Each of us has natural charm.  By sharing yours with her you’ll gain her admiration and trust while putting her at ease with you.
  • Be true to your own personality.  Again, each of us is unique.  We each have a personality that nobody else has.  By sharing your personality with her you give her a gift she’ll cherish.
  • Make small talk.  You don’t have to worry so much about what you say as about how you participate in this activity.  Don’t dominate the conversation.  Make room for her to share her views more than you sharing yours.  Pick up on what you should talk about from what she talks about.  Find related discussion points and ask her opinion on those points.
  • Be confident in all situations.  Confident people win in life.  Being confident will cause you to be a winner in every area of your life.
  • Listen to yourself.  Be your own best influence. If you’re not influencing yourself more than those around you are influencing you then you’re not in charge of your life; they are.
  • Relax.  There are over 6 billion people in the world and half of them are women.  If you blow it this time you’ll have plenty of other chances.  So relax and be yourself and you’ll find that you succeed more than you fail.
  • Realize you are worthy of the best.  Seriously, aren’t you worthy of getting the best woman in the room?  Is there any real reason that you aren’t the guy she should leave with?  You are the one.  Be the one.

If you use these confidence tricks you’ll soon realize that they will super charge your confidence.  You’ll find that these confidence tricks will be the foundation of your new lifestyle.  You’ll be more confident and as a result you’ll live a more successful dating lifestyle and your life in general will be better than before.

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