You’ve been out with friends and you find a girl that you’d like to ask out.   But, you’re the kind of guy that gets pretty nervous, especially if she’s really good looking.  Well, mate, here are some tips to help you ask her out that are really simple to remember and simple to do.

Be fun to be around.  Don’t lose confidence in yourself just because you’re a little nervous.  Go ahead and have fun with your friends as well as with her.  Let her see your interactions with other people that you already know and let her observe how you know how to have fun, are comfortable with yourself, and have fun and interesting things to do.  After you have talked a little about some of the things that you do with your friends, ask her what she does for fun.  Getting her involved in thinking about fun is key.

Bring up some of the things you plan to do in the next week.  Watch her reactions to your plans.  See if she lets you know if any of the things your doing sound interesting or would be fun for her.  She doesn’t have to use words; her body language will perk up and she’ll show particular interest in what you’re talking about.

When she shows that interest or says that what you’re going to do sounds fun, then simply say, “Hey, would you like to come along?”  It’s a very simple question that makes what you’re talking about doing the focal point of the conversation, not asking her out.  Then ask for her number so you can call her.  Then, when you call her in the next week, take some time to talk with each other on a more personal basis and get to know each other a little better.

Keep it simple.  Keep it straightforward.  Keep it fun.



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