413I’m about to share with you some of the biggest mistakes guys make when trying to meet women in everyday situations.

If you really want to become the guy who can walk into ANY coffee shop, book store or supermarket and walk out with 3 to 4 phone numbers or dates from hot women – then you’ve got to make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

And yes, every guy makes these mistakes. (even YOU buddy!)


MISTAKE #1: Failure To Approach
The #1 reason why guys don’t approach women is because they think too much. Common thoughts are …

> “What if she rejects me in front of everyone?”
> “I don’t know WHAT to say”
> “She looks busy and probably doesn’t want to be disturbed”

or even …. “A girl that hot definitely has a boyfriend“

These are disempowering thoughts my friend.

And they’re stopping you from taking the first crucial step to meeting attractive women.

Do you want to eliminate this type of negative thinking?

You can. But you must first understand where these thoughts are coming from.

The answer is FEAR.

You’re afraid of rejection.
You’re afraid of embarrassing yourself in public.
You’re afraid of women thinking you’re a creep.
And whatever other negative thoughts your brain comes up with.

Now here’s the solution. The quickest way to reduce your fears and negative thoughts is by DOING what you fear most.

I remember being terrified of heights. But then a friend talked me into bungee jumping and now I’m not scared at all.

So how do you get over your fear of approaching women?

You start by doing “warm up sets”.

444You begin approaching random people in the street and asking them for directions.

After a few “approaches” you’ll soon realize how easy approaching women is. You’ll realize that most people didn’t reject you (and if they did, they were probably so polite, you didn’t care anyway).

After this experience, you’ll be far more likely to approach some HOT women.

Sound simple? That’s because it IS simple. But don’t be a fool and dismiss this technique without trying it first.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


MISTAKE #2: You Don’t Know WHAT To Say
I’ve seen this happen again and again.

A guy works up the courage to approach a woman and start a conversation. She enjoys his company and things are going great.

But then, just minutes later, she walks off!

You ask him “what happened?” And he tells you ”I ran out of things to say. She got bored and left.”

Now, was that the truth?

The answer is NO.

The truth is, every guy (including you) have VOLUMES of interesting stories and topics you can talk to women about. There is no need for you to run out of things to say.

I’ve noticed that guys who are successful with women have one trait that other guys do not. They talk A LOT.

They keep women occupied with regular conversation while they think of banter lines, cocky comedy and attraction stories to tell her.

You can do the same. Start by opening a hottie you see on the street or at the mall with an opinion opener.And while she’s giving you her opinion, relax and let your brain go wild and get creative with some of your past funny and interesting stories.

MISTAKE #3: You Don’t State Your Intent!
I don’t care what the gurus say …

At some point, a woman needs to know how you feel about her.

If you don’t tell her that you’re attracted to her, then she might put you in the dreaded “friends basket.”

Some of the smoothest pickup artists I’ve seen “in-action”will tell women how they feel about them within MINUTES.

And when you do this, you will generate attraction in women really, really FAST. Go ahead and try it. You’ll be blown away.

Now here are some examples of “going direct.”

HER: “…I spent the last 3 years living in Japan”
YOU: “You lived in Japan? That’s SO cool. I love a woman who is adventurous and travels. I think it’s such a rare and attractive trait. Wow, you can be my new tour guide of Japan!.. I think that’s so hot”
HER: “He he, sure!”

So what you need to do is directly TELL her that you’re attracted to her (for more than just her looks).

Your Friend,


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