Fear is a common emotion that we all experience and for a guy, fear of women is the most naturally disrupting emotion that appears when we see a good looking woman.

When we overcome our fear of women we can live the greatest lifestyle available.  Having a happy, healthy dating life is your reward for investing a little bit of time to learn a few simple techniques to allow you to overcome your fear of women.

Fear is the opposite of confidence.  It’s a confidence killer.  Imagine that you have a set of scales in the emotion center of your mind.  You can choose fear or you can choose confidence.  You focus on your fear of women and you lose confidence.  You focus on your confidence and the fear of women disappears.

It only takes a very small amount of rejection to tip the balance in your confidence toward fear of women.  After all, women are so independent these days that they quite freely and in some cases very aggressively speak harshly to you.  Have you ever wondered why women react in such an aggressive way?  They’ve been rejected or hurt by men and they’re afraid of rejection as much as you are.

Rejection can scar a person for life if they dwell on it.  If you focus on the past, you’ll live in the past, and you’ll get the same results you got in the past.  It’s time to step up to a new future that totally removes your fear of women and fills you with the confidence you’ll need to live a happy life.

Here’s a three step system that gives you solutions to the biggest problems a guy can have with his fear of women.

Solution #1

Problem:  Nervousness Before Approach

Solution:  Build Confidence

Result:     Puts Her At Ease, Puts You In Control

Most guys get nervous before they even approach a woman they know they like.  By building their confidence before even deciding which woman they like they increase their chances of getting that woman.    Confidence is a characteristic of those who win in life.  You want to win the girl you have to get some confidence.  Your confidence will eliminate your fear of women and it will cause her to relax around you.  If you’re confident in yourself she’ll be confident in you as well.

Solution #2

Problem:  Eye Contact

Solution:  Understand Why You Make Eye Contact

Result:     Removes All Fear, Makes You Desirable

Eye contact is major with women.  Locking eyes with you is the equivalent of being locked in a passionate embrace for you.  Women find eye contact to be sexy and it turns them on so much that they’ll often blush and turn away when the become aware that they’ve locked eyes with you.  You probably remember your mother saying, “Look me in the eye, young man” when she was testing you to see if you were lying.  That’s a whole different thing.  It instilled fear of women in you.  Understanding that the gorgeous woman in front of you desires eye contact means that if you give it to her she’s experiencing nontouching sex and you’re in control.  She’s already desiring you.  Share your eyes with her.

Solution #3

Problem:  Shyness In Approaching Sex

Solution:  Let Her Do The Chasing

Result:     Gets You Both Into Bed

The best way to get a woman into bed is to allow her to get you into bed.  Stop allowing your fear of women to dominate your sex life.  If you want her to chase you then you have to take something away…your attention.  Stop answering the phone every time she calls.  Delay calling her back whenever she calls.  Act a little disinterested in her and she’ll start doing anything to regain that interest.  Women hate losing a guy they like so they’ll work hard to get you into bed to keep you interested in them.

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