If you have shyness meeting people it’s going to cripple your dating life.  If you don’t go meet people you’ll never go meet women.  Let’s face it, if you’re a shy guy and you have shyness meeting people you’re going to miss out on a lot life has to offer, like love, sex, and relationships.

Shyness meeting people is probably the biggest reason most guys fail to get a date.  Shyness is a big turn off to women.  The best you can ever hope for if you’re one of those shy guys is to become one of her friends.  The worst thing you can ever be is just another friend to her.  Once she’s put you in her friend list you’re doomed.  It’s nearly impossible to get out of that lock box.

First impressions are massive.  Overcoming your shyness meeting people is well worth your time.  Let’s look at what she sees when she’s looking at a shy guy verses a confident guy.

Shy Guys

  • Rarely approach women.  Why?  They fidget, they’re nervous, they lack confidence, they look away, they’re just creepy.  Women see them as a threat or at best as a loser.
  • Are wall huggers and hiders.  They react rather than lead.  She’ll see someone who’s not interested in her enough to pursue her.
  • Get pitied a lit.  She’ll feel a lot of pity for you because you’ll look so pathetically nervous as you approach her that the only positive feeling she can have for you is pity.  It’s not appealing to her at all.
  • Get made fun of by their friends.  They talk down to him or talk like he’s a joke.  When she sees that your friends reject you like that she’ll assume you’re worth rejecting because you let them treat you that way so she’ll reject you too.

Confident Guys

  • Capture the attention of people around them.  She’ll see someone that everyone wants to be around so she’ll see herself having a good experience with you.
  • Are the leaders in their group of friends.  They’re the go-to guys for advice.  There’s nothing more sexy to a woman than a successful guy.  She’ll assume that if your friends look up to you then you must have it all together and you’ll meet her every need.
  • Impress women even before they open their mouth.  They’re confident and they collect phone numbers easily.  She’ll want to give you her phone number because women doubt things a lot and they love to have the affirmation of a guy who is self confident.
  • They’re versatile.  They smoothly move through the process of exchanging numbers, kissing, and sex.  She’ll see a man who is capable of taking her through all the exciting experiences of life because he can take care of himself and has enough energy to take care of her needs as well.

So how do you become this super charged master of masculinity?  It’s a lot easier than you may think.  Here are several quick steps to help you overcome your shyness meeting people.

  • You have to believe in yourself.  If you believe you deserve good things you’ll pursue them.  It’s not that you’re owed good things but good things are just as much your right as anyone else’s right.
  • Stand your ground.  If you have friends who don’t respect you their behavior around women will turn women off to you.  Some ‘friends’ do this as a tactic to get the women instead of letting you get them.  Draw a line in the sand with your friends and if the cross it make certain that they don’t cross it again no matter what.
  • When you’re talking with women or dating them be absolutely certain that you avoid doing ‘friend’ activities.  If she wants to do something that her friends could do with her, suggest an alternative that is more exciting.  Make it something that is a dating activity; something that her friends aren’t likely to do with her, and never take a friend on an activity with you.
  • Last but certainly not least is stepping into your role of confidence.  It’s not enough to know what confidence is, you must act confident.  “What if I don’t feel confident?”  Feelings don’t matter.  Do what you know and you’ll become what you know.

If you don’t overcome your shyness meeting people you’ll never have the life you want.  Just a little time and effort will solve this problem and you can be living the life you’ve dreamed of in a very short period of time.

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