Talking with women is a little easier for some guys than others, is especially if you tend to be on the shy side.  However, no matter whether you’re smooth or downright bashful, there are 5 conversation killers you must avoid.

Worrying about what she might be thinking is one of the easiest ways to destroy your conversation with any woman.   If you’re too afraid to say anything because you think you might come across as dull or uncool, you’ve lost from the start.  If you’re trying to look suave or smart because you are afraid of what she’ll think of you, she is automatically going to zone into that.  Both of these mindsets expose your own lack of confidence.  Of the 5 conversations killers you must avoid this ranks first.

I want you to take a moment and think back to when you were younger.  Did you ever have a person talk with you who was too nice to be true?  You know, like the guy that was buttering you up to help him get ready for a big test because he hadn’t taken the time to study?  Or a brother or sister that was smooth talking you so they could get out of doing their own household chores and go out and have fun?  This type of talk is definitely one the 5 conversation killers you must avoid.

Being too nice is artificial and lacks sincerity. It’s basically telling her that you’re not the kind of person she can trust.  She’s not going to keep talking with you because she already knows that you’re not going to be up front with her.   Number two of the 5 conversation killers you must avoid.

Simply not listening is the third of the 5 conversation killers you must avoid.  This may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of guys are so busy trying to think of what they’re going to say next, they don’t listen to what the woman they’re            with is actually talking about.  If you’re engaged in conversation take the time to listen to what she’s saying, then respond to it.  Feel free to give your own perspectives, ask questions, make a joke about it, or even take the opportunity to branch this into another facet of the subject.  But know what she’s talking about in the first place.  She’ll feel that you value her thoughts and opinions she’ll be ready to be more open with you.

I heard one fellow say that if he can get a woman to laugh, he’s halfway to bed with her.  This is the easy stuff, but essential.  Women LOVE to laugh.  When they’re out for the evening, out for lunch, or even just talking in the break room, their mind is on relaxing and having fun.  Humor is the easiest way to make her happy, feel positive, give her a little fun.  A lack of humor comes in at number four of the 5 conversation killers you must avoid.  Humor is to get her attention and make her laugh.

Now you may not believe this, but the lack of flirting ends out the list of 5 conversation killers you must avoid.  You don’t want to be seen as only a nice guy or a friend.  You want to make her feel sexual attraction towards you.  A little flirting creates an air of sexuality that will make her feel desired and heighten her senses.  To leave flirting out of the mix is going to leave you sitting alone at the end of the evening.   You deserve better than that.  And so does she.

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