Ever wonder why some guys who have money and power seem to get tons of women?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tap into what they know and apply it so you can get those same women?  Now you can.

Money and power aren’t what attracts the women.  Yes, most women will tell you that these things are attractive to them but money and power represent status.  Status is a perception and perceptions can be created and controlled.

We all look at people and classify them according to their status or their level in life.  Generally the higher someone’s status is in our mind the more we like them.  Increase your status in women’s minds and you’ll have to beat them off with a stick!

The fatal mistake is trying to tell them your status.  You’ll just come off as bragging and boorish.  Instead you’ll want to show them your status.  When women see others valuing you as a person of higher status they’ll feel that they should too.

So, how do you get others to treat you as a higher status person so you can attract women?  You develop a higher status personality.  Here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal.

1.  Get friendly with bartenders and managers – By being friendly with these people you’ll develop a rapport that will get you special treatment when you walk in.  You’ll be singled out of the crowd and this will catch your woman’s eye immediately.  It will not only elevate your status in her eyes but will create an air of mystery about you.  She’ll be wondering why you are so important to these people.

2. Move with confidence – Body language is essential to higher status.  If your body language is portraying self confidence then you’ll move up several notches almost immediately.  She’ll sense your body language and respond to it favorably.  What is confident body language?  It’s when you have no fear.  Allow other people to move in close to you.  Don’t worry about having your personal space invaded.  Slow movements indicate that you’re not reacting in a jittery, nervous, or fearful manner.  Above all, stay relaxed in all situations.  If you’re relaxed it says, “I can handle anything that’s thrown at me.”

3. Become an interesting person – Nothing turns a woman off quicker than a boring guy.  Get interesting.  Humor and stories are always interesting.  One quick trick is to ask questions that are controversial or intriguing.  By asking an interesting question you become interesting.  They get to do a lot of the talking so you won’t be doing all the work.  Be prepared in advance with humor, stories, and questions and you’ll become the life of her party.

4. Be a man of principle – The nurturing nature of a woman demands that she be flexible.  This brings with it the problem of indecision.  Confidence, certainty, and consistency are therefore highly attractive traits women look for in a man.  If you’ve never considered it before sit down and write out a high standard list for yourself.  Decide what principles you are going to live by and then stick to them.  Be prepared to give an answer for WHY you believe in each of them.

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