I don’t know how many guys I’ve run across who have girl friends that they’re close to, but not in a romantic way.  Nothing wrong with that until they want to put romance into the mix.  Most of the time this confuses the girl and they end up losing the girl as a friend as well as a romantic interest.

Here are a 5 steps that will help you if that’s where you find yourself.  One of the steps is proactive, and the other four are for you guys who already find yourself in this predicament.

  1. Don’t be a woman’s friend when you first meet her.  This is the proactive step.  Don’t act like your concerned about her every need.  Make some space at this point.
  2. Separate yourself from her.  This is where you already find yourself in a ‘friendship’ with her.  Just take yourself out the picture.  Don’t hang out with her, have lunch with her, or any social situation you would normally do together.  Don’t refuse to talk with her, just pull away.  Take time to answer phone calls and emails.
  3. Start dating other women.  This will be a real attention getter for her.  Plus, it gives you the advantage of seeing if you really want the relationship with her to the next level.  The woman your dating may be more to your liking.  You’ll never know until you start dating around.
  4. Reconnect with her.  Begin talking again, but with a different emphasis.  You need to decide whether you want to be her friend, or her lover.  If it’s the second of the two options, then treat the relationship that way.
  5. Treat her like a woman – not a pal.  If you’ve decided to take the relationship into a more romantic level, then make sure that you treat her that way.  You and she will have a better relationship knowing that you care for her deeply as a friend and as a lover.

Good luck.  This relationship is the best kind.

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