There are 5 proven techniques to make yourself into a high status alpha male.  None of them are difficult.  Most of them will make you life infinitely better in more ways than with women.  All of them will require some work.  It’s absolutely the best work you will ever do for yourself.

1)  Look good.  First on the list for looking good is your physical body.  If you’re out of shape and/or overweight begin to exercise.  This will tone your body, make you physically healthier, and stronger.  Then take a good look at your appearance.  Check you hair, skin, nails and facial hair.  Are you clean and neat?  Do you need a new hairstyle or a trim/cut of you facial hair?  Do you have body odor?  These are basic, but can’t be overlooked.  The same for your clothing.  You don’t have to spend a fortune in clothes to be clean, neat, and reasonably stylish.  Two or three pairs of pants and nice shirts will be a good start.

2)  Work towards your goals.  Do you have a goal in life?  Do you have a dream?  If you haven’t begun to make the effort to reach out for these, then now is the time.  You only have one life.  You deserve to have the life that you want.  Make a plan on how to reach your goal or dream, then put that plan into action.  Keep it up until you reach it.

3)  Take quality time for yourself.  Think about some of the things that interest you.  Do you like football?  Then go out and play a game with some friends, or coach a junior team.  Does rock climbing look like fun?  Go find a gym that has a rock climbing wall and try it out for yourself.  It may not be El Capitan in Yosemite, but it’s better than sitting on your butt watching TV or drinking your life away.  Be involved with your life and do something your interested in.  You’ll become a more interesting person.

4)  Be confident.  This seems to be the area most guys have problems with.  OK, here’s some steps to take to look confident until you ARE confident.  When standing, stand straight and pull your shoulders back slightly.  Smile.  If you get rattled about something, take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Smile.  Don’t fidget with your hands or feet.  Smile.  Begin to put these simple steps into action and you’ll be surprised at how confident you feel.

5)  Respect people.  This should be a no-brainer, but some guys need reminding.  Listen to what people are saying when they talk with you.  Don’t ridicule or make fun of people.  Be pleasant company.  Don’t pick your nose, fart, scratch your privates, or pick out your underwear when talking with someone.  Especially women.  Use a little common sense and have some manners.

These techniques are basic, but they are time-tested and proven to work.  All you have to do is apply them.  Every day, in every situation.

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