Relationships are best when both partners are interested in each other and are interesting to be around.  If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, then this factor begins to wear thin.  Things may get a bit stale and predictable.  But, hey, all relationships go through this sort of thing without any real harm, right?

Not necessarily.  I read a statistic that stated nearly one third of all girlfriends/wives play around on their partner.  That’s roughly 1 in every 3 women cheat.  Below are five signs that your girl may be cheating on you.

1.  Long hours at work.  Everybody has to do overtime occasionally.  But, if she is having to stay late night after night, particularly if it’s several hours at a whack, then take notice.  Of course, if she just got a promotion or there’s a huge project that coming due, then you can probably relax.  But if not, well….

2.  She’s no longer talking about a male friend.  It’s nothing new to have a friend of the opposite sex within our jobs.  But if she’s been talking about a Bob, Russ, or some other guy a her work, then she suddenly doesn’t say anything about them, there may be something to that.  Ask her about him in a non-threatening way a see what sort of answer she gives.

3.  She’s taking better care of her appearance.  If your girl begins to exercise for no particular reason that you can see, find out what’s going on.  Something’s had to be a catalyst to that change.  If she’s exercising and taking more care of her make-up and clothes, find out the reason for it.

4.  No longer sexy with you.  No slap and tickle.  No interest in sex.  May even push you away.  These are all signs that something else is going on.  Make sure she’s not ill, because illness can destroy sex drive.  But if she’s not, then she’s receiving satisfaction from somewhere else.

5.  She’s disinterested in you altogether.  Everybody get bored.  But, if she doesn’t even nag you about those sloppy sweat pants you won’t give up, then don’t be surprised if she’s not interested in you at all.

Just like us, not all women cheat.  But don’t let yourself be lulled into complacency and think that she’s always going to be around simply because she’s female.

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