Women are wonderful and it’s a joy to date most of them but some of them are so screwed up that they’ll make your life a living hell.  Let’s face it there are some women who are nightmares to date and they should be avoided at all costs.  These are the type of women that suck the life out of you one way or another.

Life is about energy and these types of women will drain you of your energy and drive you into a place in life that will not be fun.  So, it’s best to know about these types in advance so you can proactively avoid having these negative experiences.

Emotional Evelyn – The Basket Case

Evelyn is the kind of woman who can’t control her feelings.  Everything is emotional.  She reacts to situations in the extreme.  Everything has to be exaggerated to the extremes and her life is always filled with drama.  As a result you’ll never be able to find a moment of peace because when nothing is happening she’ll create a pile of drama, even fights just to ‘feel’ that something is going on.

Barbara Bride  – The Bride To Be

Most women want to get married at some point but Barbara is obsessed with marriage.  She’s spent her entire life planning for her special day and mapping out the life she’s going to be living with Prince Charming.  No matter how good you are, though, you’ll never live up to her imagination.  You’ll fall short and your life will be a constant nagging of how you could do better.

Depressed Diane – The Buzz Kill

Diane is always negative.  No matter what you suggest, no matter what everyone around her is doing she’ll find the negative in the situation and fail to enjoy herself.  Anyone around her who’s having fun will have her negative feelings thrust upon them.  If they don’t react accordingly she’ll feel offended and feel that you don’t care.  Misery loves company and if you’re not miserable too then you aren’t relating.

Gretta Gold Digger – The Legal Prostitute

You’ll be able to spot Gretta easily.  Everything is about money.  She’s always making references to money or the value of things.  If you find yourself out on a date with her recognize that money is something we all need but with her it’s the other lover that you’ll never live up to.  No matter how much money you have or share with her it will never be enough.

Tammy Torturer – The Evil Witch

Tammy is a stealth master.  In fact, she’s an abuser.  This is the kind of woman who enjoys the pain of others and in most cases she’s the nicest, sweetest girl that nobody would ever suspect.  Any time she’s held accountable she’ll deny the truth and feign hurt feelings.  She turns people against themselves and others and she’s never at fault.  She’s the destroyer of lives.



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