You’ve spent a lot of time learning how to attract women.  Building your sexual confidence is the next natural progression.  We’re going to cover a few steps that you can take to make certain that all your hard works pays off.  It’s a lot easier than it might sound.  In fact, any guy that follows these simple steps is sure to be a hit with the ladies in the bedroom.

Relax  – The worst thing you can do in the bedroom is to get nervous.  Your lack of confidence will signal weakness and it is a major turn off for her.

Know what you’re doing  –  All you really have to do to know what you need to do is to experiment a little.  By trying different things you’ll quickly discover what works.

Serve Her – Remember to make her the object of your activity.  If you make her sexually happy then your sexual confidence will swell to monstrous proportions.  You’ll know that you can satisfy any woman at any time.  Women will automatically pick up on your sexual power and naturally be attracted to you.

Delay your pleasure – As a guy your first instinct is to reach the point where you’re satisfied sexually.  Self restraint = sexual confidence.  You can act like the guy who can’t contain himself but make sure you’re not that guy.  The man who can delay is the man who always gets to play.

Take the lead – Women don’t want a man who seems uninterested in them.  By taking the lead and guiding her through the sexual experience of her life you’ll be seen as a virile male who knows how to make a woman happy.  Happy women throw themselves into sexual encounters time and time again with the men who’ve made them happy in the past.

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