Let’s get real with each other.  Picking up a girl at a bar for a night is fairly easy to do.  But finding a woman who interested in the same things that you’re interested in and has a personality that that works easily with yours is a lot more difficult.  Are you ready to meet a woman who’s more sophisticated and more cultured?  Do you want to have a more satisfying relationship?  Then look where this type of woman is likely to be.

Wine tastings.  If you’re not familiar with wine tastings, the purpose of these events is get people together to judge several different wines while meeting others.  Because one of the purposes is for people to meet each others you can engage in conversation with both women and men and enjoy yourself.  If you meet someone who is interesting, then there isn’t any pressure, just pleasant conversation.

Libraries.  Whether it’s in the public library or the college library, meeting a woman who has higher interests will more likely be here than at a bar.  A lot of people will be deep in study, but you can usually find a woman looking through the stacks or in the periodicals browsing.  Look through the same area she’s in, then casually comment on her book.

Dinner clubs.  A dinner club brings people that have the same interests, age, and backgrounds together for dinner and conversation.  So, while you’re there talking with other people, you’ll also be meeting women that are more of what you’re looking for.  Since this is a place for a lot of people to meet and socialize, you won’t have to feel like your needing to approach her with a technique.  Just be yourself and have a good time.

Charity and Civic Events.  Being socially responsible for what happens in our world is everybody’s responsibility.  The women who have these concerns will be found here.  One of the advantages of finding a woman here is that she will, more than likely, be a caring person with a good heart.  The best kind of woman.

Museums and Art Galleries.  These are great places because they change their exhibits on a regular basis.  Therefore, you can find women who are interested in a wide variety of art and culture.  Approach these ladies in the same way you would the woman in the library.

Martini Bars.  The atmosphere of a martini bar is relaxed and sociable.  The median age of the woman here is 30 and over.  She’s here to have a good time by having great conversation with a mixture of adult fun.  She’s doesn’t think a good time is getting completely sloshed and getting carried out.  She likes to keep her head, but have fun.

These are just a few places to start out with.  Have fun as you turn to these places to find a woman who you can have a more satisfying relationship with.

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