Having a full social schedule gives you lots different places and events where you can meet girls.  But a great social life doesn’t happen by accident.  And, it’s not elusive; it can be designed.  Here is a step-by-step system for getting out there.

1.  Start with your friends.  Get together with your friends and make a plan to do something that you don’t normally do. Organize this event so that you’re somewhere that’s fun and that’s around people.  Make it someplace that you don’t frequent, so you and your friends can be around different people as well as surroundings.

2.  Watch for new events in your area.  Getting out of your rut is something that most guys just don’t like doing.  When you watch for different things that are going on in your area, then actually attend them, you WILL meet new people.  Remember, this is about increasing your social life.  Not about being comfortable.

3.  Get to know the people there.  Talk to everyone you come in contact with.  Smile and be a friendly guy.  You want to make a connection with other people – in turn, they will connect you with more people.

4.  Keep in touch with all your friends, both old and new.  Text, send email, call on the phone, it doesn’t matter.  Just keeping in touch with your friends consistently so that they won’t forget who you are.

5.  Make yourself the guy who knows what going on.  Being up to date on everything that’s happening in your area will make you the go-to guy when people want to go out and do something together.

6. Ok, you’re already known for being in touch with what happening around the area.  Now, be the one who makes things happen.  Make plans for few different events that are fun and interesting every month.  Make sure that YOU are fun and interesting to be around.

7.  Repeat steps 2 through 6.  As you work through this plan you’ll learn about new things and meet new people.  This will become a part of your life and you’ll find that it’s a great part of your life.  Enjoy yourself in your new social life and you’ll see plenty of rewards both personally and romantically.



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