Women are naturally relationship oriented.  Because of this fact, their body language is active at all times.  And is very readable.  You just have to know how .

Getting your attention is the first thing that you’ll see if she’s interested in you.  She may glance in direction frequently, or walk by your table a lot without making eye contact with you.  She’s looking to get you to notice her openly.

When she gets your attention and you make eye contact with her, watch her eyebrows.   When a woman’s eyebrows  momentarily raise up, then she’s happy to see you.  This is an involuntary movement and comes completely from her emotional center.

The eyes of a woman will tell you an enormous amount in a very short time.  If her eyes shift their gaze from one of your eyes to the other in a rhythmic fashion, you know that she likes you.  When her eyes start shifting faster and go to different areas of your face and shoulders, she is very interested.  Her mind is working as fast as her eyes are.

A woman will demonstrate where she thinks she is the most appealing to a man by touching those parts of her body.  She may play with her hair, caress her face, or stroke her breasts or thighs in a smoothing move.   Her signals mean to draw your attention to these parts of her body AND let you know where she likes to be touched.

She will touch you frequently.  Touching your arm or hand, play around with your hair, make sure she’s standing or sitting as close as possible.

When setting close to you, she’ll aim her knees and shoulders in your direction.  All of her attention is on you.

She’ll also mirror your moves.  Again, this is all involuntary.  Mirroring in one of the body language signs of letting a person know that you are in total agreement and harmony with them.

Lastly, watch what she does with her lips.  Smiling, licking, stroking them.  She is thinking about that kiss you are going to give her.  And she’s waiting impatiently.



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