Flirting is an extremely enjoyable way to spend an evening.  But you want to make sure you know how to read the signs coming back your way to take full advantage of the situation.  Here’s 8 signs to look for in a woman’s body language to see where she wants to go.

  1. Women know that men want a girl with a sense of humor.  If she’s laughing with her friends, then looking back at you, she’s showing you that she’s interested and wants you to see her as a person who is fun.
  2. When flirting, look for the girl who keeps looking back.  If she maintains eye contact for an extended period of time, she’s interested.  She may even smile at this point.
  3. 3. You notice that she’s looking you over – she’s checking you out.  She’ll look at your face, look down to her feet, then go back to your head. Notice how her eyes look over the rest of your body as she goes through this rhythm. 
  4. 4. She her smooth’s her hair, gets out her compact to check her lipstick or powder her nose, then looks back to see you.  She wants to look her best for you!

These are all signs of real interest.  Approach her and start talking.

Next, try to observe these next few signs and see if she wants to start kissing or even taking things further.

  1. When she’s talking with you, her body is completely open.  Her arms are spread, her wrists are facing you.  She has opened herself to you.
  2. When talking with you she’s touching her face, her hair, or her neck.  Usually in a stroking movement.  If she strokes her thigh, well….
  3. You’re still talking, and she comes closer.  She may even lower her voice so that you will need to come close to her.
  4. You watch her face.  She’s moving her eyes from your eyes to your mouth and back again.  She’s excited and wants to kiss you.

All you’ve got to do at this point is take the lead and start kissing her.  She’ll let you know everything you need for the rest of the evening, just watch her body and take cues from what you see.

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