Here are 8 tips for dating younger women.  These tips are practical, no-nonsense guidelines that will help you successfully date younger women.

  1. Don’t worry about the differences in age.  If she’s really worried about the difference in your ages she won’t go out with you in the first place.  Don’t bring the subject up unless she does – some chicks find dating older men exciting (or even naughty!).  Make the relationship about friendship first.
  1. Pick up the tab.  Be the one to pay for dinner or drinks.  She’s used to dating men that don’t have the financial means that you do.  She’s probably split the bill for a night out on more than one occasion.  This is one of the upsides of dating an older man.  Use this to your advantage.
  1. Make her feel she’s the youngest woman you’ve ever dated.  Don’t lie; just don’t disclose if you’ve dated someone younger than her.  This will make her feel special, sexy, even kinky.  If you tell her you’ve dated women younger than she is, especially if the age difference is 15 years or more, this may make her feel that she’s just another of the pack.
  1. Be a smart sexual partner.  Use a condom, particularly early in the relationship.  This keeps both you and her from having any nasty surprises.  Sorry guys, but it’s better to be safe than face a lifetime of degenerative illnesses and/or an early death.  If your relationship continues and you both test negative for HIV, and are in a monogamous relationship, then go to some other form of contraception.
  1. Don’t smother her.  Be interested in her day and in what she’s doing, but you don’t need to know her every move and every thought to enjoy your time with her.  She’ll appreciate a little space and freedom in the relationship.
  1. Include her in your circle of friends.  She enjoys being with you; she’ll enjoy being with your friends.  However, be careful around her circle of friends; they may be more adolescent than she is.  This is especially evident with some of the ‘men’ in her group.  They may try to trip you up out of jealousy.  Just play nice with the kiddies!
  1. Don’t rush to meet her folks.  This may be a difficult meeting for everyone involved.  Let her tell them about you first.  Let them get used to the idea of their daughter dating a man that may be closer to their age than hers.  They need to see that you are able to make her happy first.
  1. Let her introduce the kinky factor in the relationship.  You may very well enjoy a nice round, firm bottom in a pair of ruffled panties, but hold off here.  Let her come up with the idea of being kinky first.  Something that’s fun for both of you.  After the relation develops a little then cautiously introduce some of your own fantasies.

Keep these 8 tips for dating younger women in mind and you’ll have little trouble in successfully dating younger, beautiful women.

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