Do you know why a lot of guys get rejected by women?  It’s because they’ve acted like jerks.  I don’t mean they have put on a ‘bad boy’ persona and it didn’t work for them. I mean that they have completely ignored any form of consideration or respect for the woman they want to be with.

Case in point.  You’re out at a club.  Lots of people are out on the dance floor having fun.  You see this guy off the side watching the crowd dancing, looking for a woman.  He spots who he want to dance with and what does he do?  He goes up behind her and begins gyrating on her backside.

Another case in point.  You’re at a party.  There’s a guy there who’s drank too much, is loud and obnoxious.  He see a pretty woman and sidles up to her.  The next thing she knows, he’s ‘teasing’ her in a very sexual manner loud enough to be heard in the next city.  She politely tries to break the conversation up, but, he persists, thinking that she’s playing hard to get.  She finally ends up going to the bathroom, leaving, or making a scene just to get him away from her.

Women are prone to reject because they’ve encountered situations like I’ve mentioned above.  So, how in the world does a guy approach a woman without getting rejected?

I call it the Wave & Smile technique.  Here’s how it works:

  • You see a girl you want to meet
  • You keep looking at her.
  • You wait for her to look at you.
  • When she looks your way, smile warmly and wave to her.

This gives her the space and the safety that she needs.  If she smiles and waves back to you, go ahead and go over to meet her and start a conversation.  If she doesn’t, then you can turn your attention elsewhere.

That’s it.  It’s simple to remember, it’s easy to do, it’s no fail.  All you’ve got to do is get out there and use it.

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