Women like cool guys.  The problem is that most of us fella’s don’t see ourselves as cool.  We see ourselves and ANYTHING but cool.

However, most of us are cool in one way or another.  Our cool may be in finances, engineering, or just by being able to tell a good story.  The trick is in keeping the characteristic up around when women are present.

I told you there’d be a system.  Well here it is!

The first area you must clean up is in your own behavior.  You have to thrown out all the ‘uncool’ stuff you do.  Some of these behaviors are as follows.

  1. Do you keep good eye contact with her?

2.  Are you uneasy when you’re around her?

3.  Are you asking dumb questions?

These last 3 question are for you to ask yourself so you can get an idea for how enjoyable you are to be with (or not).  Here are some traits that demonstrate ways to be cool:

1.  Smiling and keeping eye contact.

2.  Knowing interesting stories and are good at telling them to others.

3.  A relaxed, casual air about you.

4.  Keep to topics you both know and interest each of you.

There it is in a nutshell.  Get rid of the uncool stuff and increase the cool characteristics.  It really is that simple.  Just remember that there will be times that you won’t feel as cools as you wish.  This is a skill – not a natural born set of characteristic that are given to those who have money and position.  YOU CAN learn how to do this.  Use this system, and see how things change.

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