Here’s a scenario I bet you’ve at least seen, if not done yourself.  You’ve asked a girl out to a movie and to go out for something to eat afterwards.  You go to pick her up and she looks GREAT!  Hair is perfect, her make-up looks natural, her clothes look amazing on her, and she smells beautiful.  You, however, have shown up in a pair of ragged jeans and a t-shirt with a beer, race car, or ball team advertising on it.  And your smell?  Well, you sprayed your pits before you left, right?

Dude, what are you thinking?  Girls like a guy to look good!  They don’t want to be seen as someone who’s taste leads them to the Billy Bob Redneck crowd.  You, my man, are a reflection of her style.

Now, I know this might sound crazy, but the way you look can be just as important as your character, especially in the first few encounters.  A woman will spend hours figuring out just the right accessories for her outfit so that she looks just right.  Ergo, you have just become an accessory so that she looks just right.

You might want to say that I’m totally whacked and even if I’m right, you’re never going to be an accessory for a chick.  Think about this, though.  All that care that she puts into her looks, she’s willing to put into you.  Here’s how you make that happen.

When you are wanting to look more attractive to women and really don’t know how, just ask a woman for help.  Most women have a great sense of style.   They know what recommendations to make to expand your wardrobe and bring it up to par.  They also know where to get the best bargains, so your wallet won’t take such a hit.

If you are able to ask the woman that you’re wanting to attract to dress you, all the better.  Use this opportunity to have a short date.  You can find out a lot about a woman when you go to shop with her.  And she’ll feel more close to you because you’re going to reflect her style.

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