Attracting women and improving your life are almost identical goals.  To achieve the first you must tackle the second.  By focusing on different ways to improve your life you’ll almost guarantee a greater attraction of women into your life.  So, how is a guy suppose to improve his life?  Isn’t this a woman’s domain, always improving herself?

Yes, you hit the nail on the head.  Women love improving themselves as much as they love rearranging the furniture.  It’s a never ending battle to be the best her she can be.  Why do you think it’s so attractive to women when they see a guy improving himself?  It signals to her automatically that you and she have something in common.

Here are a few ways to improve yourself.

Exercise will cause your body to look nicer.  The more regular exercise you get the better your body will look.  You’ll feel better, you’ll feel more confident because you’ll look better than those guys who aren’t even trying.  Lifting weights is a good way to accomplish this.  Don’t worry about going to the gym and being embarrassed.  Stop worrying about what the other guys will think and think about what those women will be thinking.  If you need help there are people at the gym whose job is to teach you.

Improve your health by eating healthier.  Healthier bodies emit a natural glow that signals women on a subconscious level that you’re more attractive.  Let’s face it, would you rather date a woman who looks healthy or one who doesn’t?  Women are the same way.

One trick is to change your cologne and watch for reactions.  Look to see if you turn more female heads.  Look for smiles or frowns and wrinkled noses.  Women are much more sensitive to smell than men are and smelling better will go a long way toward attracting women.

Most guys figure out what their hair should look like when they’re 12 and never change it.  If you try a new hair style you may find that the change is enough to attract women to you.  Go to a stylist and ask them to help you select the hair style that bring out your best features.



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