In biology, the alpha male is the dominant male in the animal pack.  He’s the bull with his herd of cows.  He’s the lion with his pride of lionesses.  He’s the head of the pack.

To become an alpha male, you may have to make some changes and practice some new behavior, but it’s not as difficult as you might think.  The cool thing is that women find alpha males irresistible.

When I’m talking about an alpha male, I’m talking about the characteristics of men who know what it takes to attract women.  An alpha male carries himself with body language that is sexually attractive to women.  He speaks with confidence.  He has a good sense of style.  Other people, both men and women, want to be around him.

At this point you might be saying to yourself, “yeah, right.  Like, I’m ever going to be like that.”  The truth is that you can be like that.  You can be an alpha male.  But you have to take inventory of yourself and make some adjustments first.

The first trait of an alpha male is confidence.  Believe in yourself.   Assume the responsibility of making the approach to a woman without worrying about being rejected.

Take stock of how you look.  An alpha male dresses like a man.  Fads just don’t do it for women when it comes to how they want a man to look.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money or make a complete change in your wardrobe.  You just need to dress with some style.

Your body language will speak for you much more clearly than your words.  Primarily, and alpha male doesn’t slouch.  There’s something about a man that stands straight and tall that women go crazy over.  Think about how heads turn when a soldier enters a room.  When he’s standing tall, every female head will be train in his direction.  If he’s slouching, he’s just somebody else in the room.

Think about your eye contact.  An alpha male will send sexual cues with his eyes that will make a woman blush or set up and take notice of him.  Either way, your non-verbal sexual communication is very appealing.  However, don’t overdo it and stare at their breasts or other areas of their body that would embarrass them and make you look like a predator.  Be cool and look at her face, her eyes, her neck and shoulders when she’s look directly at you.  You will definitely get her attention.

An alpha male knows how to have a good time.  Make her laugh.  This will help heighten her sexual tension while making her feel more at ease with you.  This is a very powerful position for you to be in.  It will make the work you’ve invested into becoming an alpha male worthwhile.

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