Okay, you’ve just gotten a date with one of the best looking women you’ve seen in a long time.  You’re feeling pretty good about yourself right now.  Boy, you are one lucky dude!

Really?  Was it luck that she’s going out with you, or did you put some time and effort into getting her attention, approaching her, and starting a conversation that led to the date?  Or was it skill?

This may sound like semantics, but there is a big difference between the two.  If you think of yourself as lucky, your chances with women will be, at best, hit and miss.  But, if you have confidence in your skill with flirting, approaching, and talking with women, you know that you can meet whoever you want and get a date with her at any time of your choosing.

That’s not just big, that’s huge.

Belief and confidence in your skill with women plays a big part of who you are and how well you present yourself.  This belief in your skill helps to build your confidence.

Women love to be around a confident man.  A man who is confident in himself can write his own ticket when it comes to dating.

Practicing the skills that it takes to meet women have paid off.  You believed in yourself, did the work, and now the time has come to reap the rewards.

The truth of this is that if you believe you can do it, then you can.  Luck has nothing to do with it.  Belief in yourself keeps you practicing; practicing hones your skill; skill builds confidence.

It’s that simple.  Believe you can do it, and you can!

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