Ah, the art of seduction.  It’s more than an art to a woman.  It’s a mysterious quality that makes her view the man that possesses this ability as powerful and desirable.  When used well, women will want you to seduce them.   When used inappropriately, you come across looking sleazy and like a predator.

The art of seduction is another technique in the arsenal of skills used in dating.  Like everything else you’ve learned here, this skill is fairly easy to learn.  What makes it an art is when you go from having the skill to mastering the skill.  The art of seduction becomes a part of your personality.

It all starts with confidence.  We’re all born with a natural sex appeal.  Building your confidence in that innate ability is where the key to beginning to learn the art of seduction.  Start by being well groomed and suitably dressed.  When you have confidence in your appearance you’re more likely to be more comfortable around other people.

Then continue by flirting with the woman you’ve chosen to seduce.  Note that you’ve chosen a particular woman and aren’t continually looking for ‘someone’ who might like you.  You’ve made the first move.  The art of seduction demands that you take charge of who you want to seduce, not the other way around.

Use that natural sex appeal to start a conversation. Be relaxed, using smooth and low tones to speak.  Smile and look at her eyes.  Let your eyes roam around her face.  Tease her by playing with her hair, her chin, or her arm.

Always make sure to treat her with respect and listen to her.  Remember, women love to laugh.  When a woman feels intense sexual attraction combined with respect and having fun, she is ready and wanting to be seduced.

The art of seduction simply is teaching a woman that you’re exciting, mysterious, and a desirable man to be near.  Once you’ve mastered the skill and it becomes an art, any woman you wish to be with will be yours.

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