317When the time comes to pop the question and ask her out on a date the deliema is how do you do it?

My rule of thumb is to not ask directly, instead assume she’ll come and merely propose a meeting place.

Never call a meeting a “date” as it throws most men in a frame war where he’s courting, he’s paying and he’s going to have to wait for the pink taco until at least the third date … maybe longer.

Asking a girl on a date tip#1

Say these exact words:

"Hey there’s this really cool lounge called blah blah and theres a really cool band on that we have to check out, it’s on this Tuesday at 7pm lets meet up there for a few quick drinks and have some fun, you’re going to love this place… anyway I have to go now as a friends making me dinner…so just quickly how’s 7pm work for you? Good … I’ll pick you up/meet you there …look forward to it, cya"

This gets me a 90% date rate … and it should do the same for you. I’ve included some nice touches there like "a friends making me dinner" (she’ll always assume it’s a female friend) and this makes you look good, also that your time is valuable as you ended the phone call first.

Asking a girl on a date tip#2

Always meet your dates in QUIET bars or lounges, never take them to loud noisy bars or nightclubs as other guys may move in mistakenly and whisk your date away, unless you want this to happen my general rule is never take them to busy or loud nightclubs.

Find a cruisy, quiet and half lit (aka romantic) lounge, where there are sofas or lounges as opposed to bar stools which are uncomfortable and pose a problem when the time comes for you to move in for the make out and get things heavier.

Asking a girl out on a date is quite easy when you warm up by talking to other girls first, so call up some old numbers have some great conversations with them and then call your girl, hopefully by this time you would have loosened up a little. Asking a girl out wont be a challenge again!

Your friend,
Alex Coulson

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