Physical attraction is like a chemical reaction between two people.  You see a beautiful woman and she sees you; you increase anticipation with the first smile.  When you walk over to each other and begin talking arousal continues with each smile, each laugh, each touch.  It’s almost like spontaneous combustion.  Almost.  But you’ve been here a hundred times before.  If you don’t know how to take that spark of arousal and bring it to a burning desire, then the attraction tips I’m about to share with you will train you on how to stoke that fire.

Number one of the attraction tips is to start by taking stock of yourself.  Are you satisfied with who you are?  Do you think that you might be able to improve yourself?  Self improvement is one of the coolest, most honest things that any man can do for himself.  It builds real confidence.  When you’re happy with who you are in your own skin, it is evident to everyone who knows you.  Don’t aim for perfection; aim to be better than you are now.  This is how confidence is built step-by-step.  Confidence is the primary trait of the alpha male.  This is the trait that women are attracted to more than any other.

When you have confidence, being yourself will become automatic.  You’ll never need, or want, to try to imitate anyone else.  She’s interested in knowing you, not some fake persona.  Being yourself mean that you talk about things that you’re interested in, then bring her into the conversation to share with you.  Engage her in what you like, and then let her tell you some of her interests.  Flirt and tease with her when she’s talking.  Engage in friendly back-and-forth banter to heighten the interest between you.

When you’re talking with her, don’t give her your whole life story.  One the attraction tips is to build some excitement and mystery about you.  Do this by getting her to talk about herself.  Not non-stop, but with flirting and teasing with her all through the conversation.  Somewhere in the conversation she’ll realize that she’s giving you all her information, but she’s not heard much from you.  But because you’ve used methods of flirting and used humor by teasing, she’s not noticed that you’ve told her very little until now.  You’ve created an air of mystery about yourself.

Turning a physical attraction into a chemical, combustible reaction can be achieved by applying these simple attraction tips.  They’re the match to her fire.  All you have to do is light it.

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