Do you wanna be a player?  Players are the guys that get the girls.  And they do it all the time.  How did they get to be players?  They know the rules of the dating game, and then they know exactly how to bend and even break those rules.

Do you wanna be a player?  Then you need to look at the next 6 tips that show you how to bend and/or break the rules of dating.

Tip 1:  Don’t spend a lot of money on dates.  Putting out tons of your hard earned cash is unnecessary.  It’ doesn’t make a woman more willing to date you.  In fact, it can have the opposite effect of making her feel like you’re buying her attention.  Make her realize that the time you have for her is the best gift you can give her.

Tip 2:  Look like a player.  Wanna be a player?  Invest a little in yourself to dress for the part.  Dress cool, but not overdressed.  Be comfortable, but in a cool way.  Make sure you look good.

Tip 3:  Keep calls to a minimum.  Most guys will wait for a couple of days, then call her to make contact.  That’s OK, but then they begin to call everyday or more.  Wanna be a player?  Don’t call her often.  Instead, get her to missing you.  Wait until she calls or texts you.  Be relaxed and don’t look too excited.  Players play a little hard-to-get.

Tip 4:  Have sex the first night.  Experienced players know how to get a girl to have sex with them on the first night, many times without even having a date.  The really good players know how to turn things around to where the girl is asking you for sex.

Tip 5:  Wanna be a player?  Learn to make yourself mysterious.  Don’t tell her everything she needs to know about you in 10 minutes.  Don’t give her your life history on the first meeting.  Let information about yourself come out in small bits.  Keep her guessing about what makes you tick.

Tip 6:  Keep the compliments at a minimum.  It’s standard dating practice to give compliments to girls about how they look, their scent, how glad you are to be with them, ad nauseum.  Wanna be a player?  Cut those compliments down to a minimum.  To begin with, she won’t feel like you ‘honored’ just to be with her.  This one little trick will cause her to keep guessing about how you see her – is she attractive enough for you.  It helps to change the power structure.  What’s more, she’ll keep coming back.

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