The foundation of getting women is to build your confidence with women.  When you have confidence with women you’ll be able to approach women with ease and they’ll draw strength from that attitude.  They’ll place their confidence in you quickly and easily.

If you don’t have that confidence women will pick up on that with their built in relational radar and size you up as a loser almost instantly.  They may be polite but don’t expect to get any phone numbers from them.  The vault to their heart has been closed and locked forever.

How do I know?  I lived it.  I’ve seen their eyes glaze over even before I open my mouth.  I was so shy that I couldn’t hide the fact that I had no confidence with women.  I knew others had confidence with women but I had no idea how they got so confident.

I always felt awkward while the successful guys had so much confidence with women that they would attract women to them.  The women I would have to approach and try to talk to would walk off to talk to these confident guys.

I finally go to frustrated that I just started asking anyone that would talk to me about it what the secret was to having confidence with women.  I got a lot of opinions.  Most of them were so generic they were worthless.  Pat answers that didn’t make any sense.  They told you what to do but didn’t tell you how to do it.

It was hopeless.  Having confidence with women is just not something they teach you in school.  Most people just kind of fall into dating without any real plan or goal.  Neither of them understand the dynamics of male-female relationship, just the mechanics.

So I gave up.  I stopped asking everyone else and decided that I had to experiment and find the secrets of confidence with women on my own.  All the things I’d tried in the past hadn’t worked so they were off the list.  I manned up and started hitting the clubs and doing all the things that I thought I could never do.  I was researching and acting like someone who had confidence with women.

When I got rejected I made a note not to try that approach again.  When I was successful I put it into my new system of how to build confidence with women.  It didn’t take long before I had the system perfected.  I was astounded.  My confidence with women formula was so amazing that I was getting phone numbers every time I went out.  I went from being afraid to approach women to having women approaching me.  You can to.  Just follow my easy step by step formula and you’ll soon develop confidence with women just like I did.

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