Here’s a funny story: When I was a teenager, my friend and I discovered his older brothers hidden stash of playboy magazines. After we looked at all the pictures, we began to read some of the models “profiles”. I noticed almost all the models listed “confidence” as a trait they wanted in a man. Interesting, huh? Women find confidence attractive. But what IS confidence and how do you become confident? Read the articles on this page and discover how to become a confident man that women find attractive …


Making Female Friends – This WILL Improve Your Game

You don’t have to find wonder woman to be happy.
There are women everywhere you go so let me open your eyes to endless possibilities and undiscovered ‘untapped’ locations that are FULL of women

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The Pick Up Artists Life – The Persistent Attitude

The Key To Becoming a GOOD Pick Up Artist
Some of the most successful pickup artists have a skill that can NOT be taught on the workshops, in fact the pick up artist probably doesn’t even know he has this skill as its unconscious, or outside the real of their consciousness and they don’t even know they have this unique skill.

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Masculinity: Become a Man and Get the Girl

As much as you hear about nonsense – like women want sensitive men the fact is they really want real men. That’s why chicks go for jerks and get their hearts broken, then keep going after the same type. Why? They’re attracted to them. Duh!

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How To Be More Confident Around Hot Women

If you’ve ever tried approaching an attractive woman, then you know that most of your success with her depends on your self-confidence. Women love guys will confidence and this is a well-known fact, however how easy is it to find this confident core that’s hiding inside you in slumber.

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