Shy-guys are some of the easiest people to spot at a party or other social event.  They hang out in corners like they can disappear, but still look at everything going on around them.  They’ll stare all around, but try hard not to make eye contact.  If they do make eye contact with someone they’ll get an embarrassed look on their face.  They want so much to be a part of what’s going on, but are immobilized by their own fear.  All they really need is a few conversation starters for shy people.

If what I’ve mentioned sounds all too familiar to you, then I’ve got great news!  You don’t have to remain a shy-guy.  You can learn a few conversation starters for shy people and they’ll take you farther than you ever could imagine.  When you use these techniques once or twice you’ll find that they help you to overcome inertia and get out there talking with girls.

The first rule of thumb when it comes to talking with women is this –  be honest. Women can’t stand a BS’er, at least when it comes to meeting them for the first time.  Don’t give her the opportunity to reject you for over-the-top behavior or putting on an act.  The easiest of the conversation starters for shy people is to approach a woman and say, “Hi, my name is —.  I thought I’d be social and introduce myself to you.  What’s your name?”  This is honest, sincere, and unpretentious.  A lot of women will respond to this in a very positive way

Another conversation starter for shy people is the statement/question technique. You make a statement and follow it up with a question, which is directed at the girl you intend to introduce yourself to.  A statement is something that’s factual, such as “that cocktail your drinking looks great”.  The question that follows deals with an unknown, like “do you know what’s in your drink?”  This requires a response, which gets the woman to answer your question and allows you space to continue the momentum of the conversation.

Another conversation starter for shy people is by talking across the room.  I don’t mean yell at her like she’s the waitress and you want to give her an order.  What I’m talking about is mouthing your hello for her to lip read.  You start by looking around the room and deciding which woman you want to meet.  Make sure you’re sitting in a spot where she can easily see you.  Relax and smile. If you’re at a club or bar, just sip your drink while you wait.

When she looks your direction just smile, nod your head at her and mouth the word ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’.  If she smiles back, nods her head back, or mouths the greeting back to you, then continue the conversation with ‘mind if I come over?’  This gives her control and space.  This will also intrigue her.  You’ll look a little mysterious and interesting.  All this without even leaving your seat.  That is, until she invites you over.  No need to be shy any longer!  With a few conversation starters for shy people like this you’ll soon discover that your shyness disappears forever.

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