If you are confused and don’t know what to say when you first meet a woman. The ideal conversation starters that will get the ball rolling are listed just below

Women simply love men who have great conversational skills. The man who is able to break the long silence successfully on his first date is able to captivate the love of that woman forever. So it is important to know how to strike an interesting conversation if you really want that hot chick to look at you. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to learn some great conversation starters. If you are unable to do so you are sure to face rejection from women.

The excellent conversation starters are humorous conversation starters and classic conversation starters. Below are listed a few examples of each:

1. Interesting Conversation Starters

Whenever you come across a guy approach a woman and failing to woo her. Go to that woman and ask her “What she felt about the previous guy’s way of walking?” This definitely gets the woman laughing and your conversation starts on a good note.

2. Interesting Conversation Starters

If you’re out for some grocery shopping in a supermarket and hit upon a beautiful woman, smile and eloquently ask her “What is the menu for the dinner tonight? The magic to the success of this conversation starter is definitely your smile and confidence. So walk up to her confidently flashing your charming smile and she is certainly going to be fascinated with it.

1. Classic Conversation Starters

I feel the best classic conversation starter is to walk up to a woman and look into her eyes and say “Hello, I believe it is good to be gracious and greet you Hi, I’m…. may I know your name please? Women are surely going to adore this because you are being classy yet friendly and cool. This type of conversation starter reflects your classy attitude and demarcates you from the rest who irritate woman by their cheap and sleazy remarks.

2. Classic Conversation Starters

One of the finest classic conversation starter is to walk up to a woman in a shopping mall while she is confused selecting a dress and say “Hello, this dress will look fabulous on you or this earring is simply meant for you, I ‘m ……may I know your name please? She is sure to take a note of your advice as women are often confused when it comes to making choices about their dresses, accessories and of course hair style.

Some times we suddenly meet the woman of our dreams, but since we lack those perfect conversation starters’ skills we miss that golden opportunity. After some time or the next day our mind ultimately thinks about a great conversation starter but by then it’s too late. Nevertheless as the saying suggests “It’s better late than never” The humorous and classic conversation starters are sure to come to your help. These conversation starters will certainly help you to cross the communication barrier with confidence and charm. Show me a woman who can resist a confident, charming man with amazing conversational skills? So leave behind all your fears of rejection and hesitations and go ahead and use these conversation starters to enhance your love life.

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