One of the most difficult undertaking for a lot of men is simply starting a conversation with a woman.  However, it’s actually one of the easiest skills to learn.  There are a variety of conversation starters that you can use to approach women to begin talking with them.  In the next few sentences we’ll go over a few of them, but first, you need to have a little background work done.

One of the biggest problems that we guys have is that we get so focused on everything we need to do to start talking that we forget the one single element that is most appealing to a woman – the fact that we find her interesting enough to talk with, not just ogle. I know this may sound unusual, but a woman wants to know that you are interested in getting to know her, and not just for the purpose of having sex.  A conversation starter is to help you approach women, but conveying to them your intent is how you handle yourself.

Conversation starters shouldn’t ever sound like sleazy pickup lines.  In fact, pickup lines almost always are a huge turn-off because they convey that your motive is to just have sex.  The best conversation starters are meant to bridge the void between being a stranger to becoming a person that she finds genuine and friendly.

Almost any topic can be a conversation starter, but the best ones will be a part of friendly, natural conversation.  Just keep things relaxed and simple.

The easiest conversation starters are to simply make yourself known; just say ‘Hi’.  If she smiles and say ‘hi’ back, you know that you have an open door to start talking.  If she ignores you or scowls at you, move on.  It’s not worth your time and effort to continue with someone who can’t respond appropriately to a friendly hello.

Women love to laugh.  If you have a witty personality, go ahead and make some conversation starters that are humorous.  This takes a little more time and effort, but you’ll find that most women are very open to someone who knows how to make them laugh.  They find this quality very charming.  Laughing also relaxes women.  Humor can break down a lot of barriers in a very short period of time.

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