Have you ever listened to women talk with each other?  They talk about a variety of subjects, ranging from shoes and fashion to sports and politics, depending on the woman.  They also talk about us.  They compare their boyfriends; they talk about who’s hot and who’s a slob.  They’ll talk for hours about what they like and don’t like about men.    Now, when you’re thinking of conversation topic for talking to women you have to keep one thing in focus.  Simply put, focus on her.

When you’re talking with a woman that you want to get to know better for dating, sex, or a deeper relationship you have to get into her head and into her emotions.   Complimenting her is one f the easiest ways to make her feel good.  This is the start of getting into her emotions.  Let her know that you like her clothes, her hair; that she looks wonderful.  Complimenting her on how she looks is one of the great conversation topics for talking to women because it lets her know that she has succeeded in getting your positive attention.  This causes her to feel good about herself and you at the same time.

I’ve heard it said that making a woman laugh is the first step in getting her to bed.  It’s true.  Making her laugh is one more way into her emotions.  One of the easiest conversation topics for talking to women is relating a funny story about you.  I know, I know, I said to keep the focus on her.  However, by relating a story about yourself or your past that’s funny, you’re letting her know something about you that’s personal and that makes her laugh at the same time.  This is a laser point going right into her emotions because she feels closer to you and positive because she’s laughing.

Compliment her again but, this time, be a little more personal.  When you’re in close proximity to her, compliment her scent.  Whether its perfume or just the clean smell of soap, it doesn’t matter.  Letting her know that you’ve noticed her scent arouses her senses in a sexual manner.  It will also lead into conversation topics for talking to women that are more sensual in nature.

Just remember when you dealing with conversation topics for talking to women, keep your focus on her: how she looks, how to make her laugh, and her sensuality.

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