Ok, it’s no-brainer time.  Men and women are different.  Duh!  Yes, we all know that but do we really understand what that means and how it affects conversation topics for talking to women?  Unfortunately, most guys are clueless when it comes to conversation.

The general impression is that women are shallow and talk about things that are meaningless to a guy.  That’s true to some degree.  Women do discuss things with their girlfriends that guys will find meaningless.  That’s why we cringe whenever it comes to picking conversation topics for talking to women.  We don’t have a clue how to talk about those things.

Guess what.  Neither do women!  A woman can easily pick conversation topics for talking to women because they all understand the rules of interest in those topics.  Ask a woman to talk about those topics to a guy and she’ll be lost.  She knows you don’t have any real interest in those things.  She knows you don’t ‘relate’ to conversations.  So she takes an entirely different direction.

Women talk to women much differently that women talk to men.  In the same way you talk to men one way and you talk to women differently.  You’re challenged when it comes to conversation topics for talking to women because you don’t know what she wants, how she thinks, or what she feels.  Usually that’s exactly what she wants.

Women are all about relationship.  If the relationship doesn’t make her feel good she doesn’t want it.   When a woman is talking to you what she’s really doing is shopping.  She testing you to see if your conversation topics for talking to women make her feel good.  If they don’t you won’t make the grade.  It’s as simple as that.  While women say that men view them as a piece of meat the reality is that they’re the ones done the shopping.

There are conversational stages that a guy has to go through with women.  It’s not guesswork.  It’s a formula that can be learned by any guy who really wants to learn the conversation topics for talking to women.  How you talk to a women when you’re approaching her is one level.  How you talk on the first date is quite another.  How you talk to her after the first date is yet another.  If you don’t  have a definite action plan for all three levels you

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