Women love to talk.  They are extremely relational by nature.  Therefore, when you are having a conversation with a woman, you can find a topic to talk about by simply asking her about her background and interests.  If you want to talk only about those things, that’s ok.  But, if you really want to get her involved with you, follow this method.

Relate her stories to your own life.

Women love to hear interesting and humorous tales about someone’s life.  If you take the time to tell her a story from your own life that ties in with hers, you have a double attraction in the area of conversation.

A great story should be told like a great joke.  You start with a main character (you).  The character needs to have a core of traits like bravery, good manners, confidence, and so on.   Tell the story in a way that is full of humor.  Then at the conclusion have an interesting ending.

Everybody has stories from their life to tell.   The trick is to find one that you can apply to her life stories so that you have something you can both share.   These stories have to:

1.  Relate – find a common ground

2.  Reveal core qualities such as status and humor

3.  Involve a shared interest

With these elements as part of your story you can develop a rapport with a woman much quicker and more easily than trying to tell some joke you heard.

Relating your life experiences in this way takes a little practice.  Think of some of the things that have happened to you and develop your story line well in advance.  Practice them in front of the mirror and become comfortable telling them.  Have about four or five stories ready before going out to a party or some other social event.  When the moment arises where you are asking a woman about her life and/or interests, you’ll be ready with a story of your own that your can relate with hers.  She’ll love it and it will make you vastly more interesting.



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