All guys, at one point or another, have screwed up when talking with a woman.  We’ve all said something we wish we hadn’t, stared at her cleavage, or used some sleazy pickup line.  Conversing with confidence is a skill that takes a little time and effort.  However, developing this one skill will pay off!  You’ll get more phone numbers and dates than you thought was imaginable.

How do you feel about yourself when you approach a woman?  Does you stomach churn?  Does your heart rate speed up?  Do you become nervous about yourself?  The biggest part of conversing with confidence is knowing that you are a cool, great guy.  When you believe in yourself, that belief is obvious to others by how you conduct yourself.

We are constantly broadcasting who we are to everyone around us.  Did you realize that most conversation isn’t verbal, but all the non-verbal things that we do?  So it isn’t what you say, it’s your posture, your facial expressions, your whole demeanor that conveys your message.  The words you utter are the least of your conversation.   When you aren’t conversing with confidence, for example, if you’re feeling nervous about approaching a woman you’ll probably play with the keys or change in your pocket, your eyes will dart around the room, and you’ll probably draw your shoulder muscles up making you look a little hunched over.  Oh, and you’ll probably sweat more, too.  That’s before you ever open your mouth to say the first word.

Conversing with confidence begins with the inner man. The man who knows his own mind and his own worth.  These traits are what our body language will naturally communicate.  The skill of conversing with confidence is learning your strengths and trusting in yourself.  You don’t have to be so cool and sophisticated that you come across like 007, but you do have do know that you’re an honest and worthwhile person to know.  The man that knows those traits about himself stands tall, is relaxed, and smiles at others.  The words will simply back up what your body language and demeanor are saying about you.

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