Women in their twenties and early thirties aren’t always into someone their own age.   Statistics show that around twenty percent of young women are attracted to older men.  However, when dating younger women, If you’re ten or more years older than the woman that you want to date you’re going to need to try some new strategies.

One of the main reasons that young women want to date an older man is because they’re tired of the immaturity and instability of men/’boyz’ in their age group.  Older men are more confident, self-assured, and emotionally stable than the contemporaries of the young woman. Dating younger women who are looking for an older man are ready for a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship.  So be cool, be confident, be yourself.

Take the lead in the relationship.  Young women lack experience and can be overly-emotional.  Some can even become drama queens.  When this happens don’t get confused into thinking you’ve done something wrong – this will just feed into these emotions.  Instead, use a little wit and humor.  Smile and tease her a little.  Then let her know that you’re not into that type of behavior.  Challenge her to take control over her own emotions instead of making anyone else responsible for them.  When dating younger women, tell her you expect to date an adult, not a child.

Don’t intrude on her life.  You’ve starting dating younger women and you’re thoroughly enjoying your time.  That’s great!  However, because she IS young, she needs some room for herself.  She’s experiencing freedom and an independence that she’s not had before.  She needs her space.  Keep the phone calls to a couple a week.  See her about once a week.

If you’re not careful you can end up with one of two different scenarios – 1) she becomes dependant and clingy or 2) she see’s you like she is seeing her dad.  Neither situation is good.  Just give her space.

Treat her special.  When you are dating younger women, make sure you pay for the evening.  Send her flowers occasionally.  Open her car door.  Pull out her chair for her when being seated.  Show her your style and sophistication by treating her with good manners, being well dressed and well groomed, and taking care of the tab.  This may sound elementary, but she’s been used to having to pay half for beer and pizza after a watching a goofy movie about (you guessed it) dumb college guys.  Step up her life a little by treating her well.

Move slowly.  When younger guys move too quickly they’re labeled as ‘jerks’ or ‘creeps’.  When and older guy moves to fast he labeled as a ‘perv’.  This is much worse because there’s much less room for error with little to know room for patience.  When dating younger women, let them make the first moves.

Follow these simple strategies and you’ll find that dating younger women is much easier than you think.

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