Let’s face it, shy guys don’t stand a chance in the dating game.  It’s simply too hard for someone who’s filled with shyness to put themselves out there.  It hurts too much.  As a result most shy guys live lives of quiet desperation.  They don’t really enjoy their lives, they just exist from day to day in an ocean of blandness.

All of us have experienced shyness to one degree or another.  You’re not the only one who’s ever faced this obstacle.  Shyness causes a lot of nervousness and anxiety and can show up quite unpredictably to turn us into stammering idiots.  I hope you’ve already overcome your shyness.  To make sure that you have let’s try a small experiment.

Go out in public today and look for a gorgeous woman.  If you know her or you’ve met her or if you walk by her regularly where she may have noticed you she’s not your candidate.  Once you’ve selected this perfectly stunning stranger I want you to set aside your shyness and casually walk over to her and start a conversation.  During your conversation you’re going to give her your name and you’re going to ask her for her phone number.

If you didn’t get her phone number you are still shy.  If you walk away with her phone number you’ve conquered most or all of your shyness.  Let’s examine what you should have done.

You should have made eye contact with her as you approached.  You should have ignored your shyness and focused mainly on her eyes while you were making small talk with her.  By allowing your eyes to travel to her other body parts you’ll lose her interest and her trust.

You should have given her a wide, toothy smile.   Not a grin, mind you, but a smile.  Grins are caused by shyness and can seem lecherous where smiles are friendly and inviting.  You grin when you undress her with your eyes.  You smile when you think of her holding you in he arms.  You should keep sharing that smile in a natural way throughout the conversation.

You should have made sure to have good posture.  Yes, I know YOU may not care about your posture, but she always will.  Good posture exudes confidence.  Shyness causes slouching is a bright neon sign that says, “Lazy Loser”.

You should have watched your speech out of carefulness and thoughtfulness, not shyness.  Communication is a three part process; what you say, how you say it, and what your body says.  If you speak like a loser with jerky words, squeakiness in your void or breathlessness she’ll sense fear and fear is a massive turn off for women.  Speak smoothly with a steady voice and she’ll be lulled into her comfort zone and feel safe with you.

Remember, women love to talk.  If you failed to actively participate in small talk, because you’re shy, she’ll never get interested enough to give you her phone number.  Talk to her and she’ll feel good about you.  She’ll want to talk with you more so she’ll gladly give you her number.

Even if you got her phone number the shyness may still be there.  If so, you won’t make it past a few dates.  That may be acceptable to you but remember that shyness can also invade your self confidence when it’s time to invite her to bed or even while performing in bed.

Shyness is a deadly dating disease that must be treated instantly to avoid the death of your dating life.  Today is the day to start overcoming this dreaded affliction.

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