Female bartenders are pretty smart when it comes to being aware of how men make advances on them.  They see all types of men every night they work.  Hapless drunks who just want someone to be with; young studs who see themselves as God’s gift to women; guys who get rejected by everyone else, so they make their last ditch effort with the barmaid.

Here’s some tips to help that female bartender, who you thinks is hot, change her mind and go out with you.

1)  She’s the only girl in the room.  A lot of guys that try to get somewhere with the barmaid have already made the circuit around the room.  And she watched them make that circuit.  No girl wants to be someone’s desperate attempt to get laid.  You’ve got to pay attention to her, and her alone.  Don’t even start conversation with other women in the bar.

2)  Don’t cling.  Yes, pay attention to her alone, but don’t be clingy about it.  She has to deal with a lot of people, and sometimes there are going to be other men, usually who have had too much drink, that are going to demand her attention.  Remember, she’s not had a drink all night.  Let her deal with them without getting in the road.

3) Respect the fact that she’s at work.  This is her place of business.  If the nights slow, then spend more time talking.  Find out what her interests and hobbies are, as well as letting her know about yours.  If the club’s hopping, set back and let her do her job.  Complement her with sincerity on skill as a bartender and her people skills when the chance arises.  She’ll appreciate that.

4)  Get to know her name.  You might think that this should be done up front, but this is one situation where it’s better to take some time to find this out.  She needs some space to get to know you a little before becoming friendly to the point of sharing names.

5)  Tip appropriately.  Too little and you look stingy.  Too much and you’re just trying to make time with her.  Just tip with a hand full of change.  An average amount.

At his point you’ll simply need to persevere and plan ahead.  As long as you are willing to take the time and effort to reach the woman who works tending a bar, you will be able to have a good relationship with her when the moment comes.

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