512So the million-dollar question is do you take risks with your interactions with women?

Do you try new ideas or do you stick with what gets you average results?

Here’s why I ask:
Women LOVE men that are risk takers because they can never predict what will happen next. This leads them on and on and on waiting for your next move …very similar to playing a game of checkers.

Risk taking = Adventure

In my travels I’ve met a lot of ‘naturals’ with women and I had to give credit where credits due, with my friend Mark who is perhaps the most risk-taking i.e. extremely adventuress guy I know.

Why Mark Is Successful With HOT Women

Mark is what I call a kick ass smooth talking natural.

We head to shopping centers most weekends (when they’re PACKED with HOT women) and we approach like horny mad men … (without the foaming at the mouth part) …

Mark is nothing special, 5”4, average looks and he works out a lot so he’s got some mass which helps somewhat …

He wears a bright t-shirt with Elmo from Sesame Street printed on it and approaches hot women asking whether Elmo is a boy or a girl…

I totally love the way he does this!

It’s amazing how he gets these super hotties drawn into his discussion and before you know he has pulled them away from their friends “to show them something cool” and snap, crackle and pop he’s playing tongue twister with them.

Okay …before you bombard the department stores with a fistful of cash screaming at the sales clerk for your very colorful “I LOVE ELMO” printed t-shirt …

I’m going to save you the time and tell you it wasn’t his shirt that got attraction, nor was it his Elmo conversation starter …

It was his RISK- TAKING Mindset

Mark is a very energetic “bloke” (Aussie way of saying guy) and he takes risks. This makes him fun to be around and women love fun n interesting guys!

Taking risks doesn’t always have to involve jumping off bridges, or base jumping from the rooftop of your work building (this actually was to be my unique method of quitting my job. I would hand in my resignation and take the lift to the rooftop and glide pass my desk and work colleagues on level 23)

I’m a melodramatic kind of guy as you can see …

So back to the story …the opposite of boring is exciting right?

So Mark takes risks by saying the most outrageous script he can get away with to a HOT woman.

And he gets away with it too!

Here’s a quick snippet from a phone conversation I overheard from a girl he met just the previous day at a shopping center:
555“What color panties are you wearing”
“haha …of course I’m serious ….Don’t make me repeat myself haha”

“Niiiiice … I like that. Are they Cotton?”
“Niiiiice …I’m a cotton guy, most my clothing is cotton”
“What color underwear am I wearing? Haha I’ve been freeballing since 2004 baby! Haha”

Unique conversations are interesting conversations.

He gets some pretty powerful reactions from women because NO GUY has BALLS to say this stuff to SUPER HOTTIES. It’s just not in their reality that guys will ask them this, and when they do guess what? There’s a chemical reaction explosion and women are compelled to get to know Mark even more …


And what if a girl reacts differently to the above? Then Mark shrug it off, say “NEXT!” and he calls his next girl on the list and says the exact same thing.

So go out and get some phone numbers and practice this, you may feel more comfortable practicing on some girls you’re not really interested in to start with and then work your way to the hottest.

You will be amazed at the results I promise!

I’ll talk to you again soon

Your friend,


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