Be confident, get rid of your fears and start loving sex and women!

Men are more than often afraid of women. This happens since many men find today’s women to be more self-assured and independent.  Today’s women can disgrace you by just a sharp glance and through harsh words.  It is true that women of today’s times are a bit too hard for men to attract.

But that does not mean that you must behave like a scared duck. If you don’t overcome your fear of women then undoubtedly you will not be getting into any kind of relationship; nor will be having any sex. Every man has faced rejection in his life; however, it is wrong to make that rejection your reason for not pursuing women.

This has happened with me as well. When I was 11 years old, I liked a girl who was in my class. She was sweet looking girl with cute dimples. I proposed her one day after school; it was the worst day of my life. I still feel a cold shiver running down my spine when I remember the way she rejected me unkindly. It was surely awful. I carried this frustration for a long time in my heart but this gave me loneliness and loveless life. But with time I got over that it.

After that I started dating women and this very experience taught me how to be confident in front of women.

I am teaching those techniques from past 4 years to innumerable men across the world. So, here I have listed some causes of worry and tips that will help you clear your fear of women.

Being short of poise when among women

Cause of Worry: Anxiety and nervousness, resultant of your lack of self-belief. You fear rejection even before you begin the conversation.

The answer: Be self-assured. Women dislike men with zero confidence and who appear to be nervous, worried and lacking self-confidence.

Inabilty to Maintain a Stable Eye Contact

Cause of Worry: You are dreadfully nervous and hence, cannot keep a stable eye contact with extremely beautiful or poised women.

The answer: I know you are just a victim of incredible amount of fear of women.  Watch Titanic and keep the moment when Leonardo Dicaprio meets Kate Winslet at the first deck people’s dinner party. That stare didn’t just steal the heart of the film’s heroine but got millions of women all around world feel weak in their knees. It is that self-assured, poised and bold stare that gets women going and not a shivered look like that of scared butcher’s chicken.

Not Getting Any Sex Lately
Cause of Worry: Your relationships reach up to kissing and hugging women at most, unfortunately, your fear of women goes against you when it comes to getting sex. In fact, you have no clue as to how to start the topic.

The answer: Play hard to get, let her feel a bit insecure. Don’t be her pet and you will get what you want from her. Getting rid of your fear of women is easy if you make an effort.

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