"How To Confidently Approach And Talk
To Beautiful Women Anywhere And Get
Dates And Phone Numbers - No Matter
Your Looks, Age Or Income"

Attraction Explained – Sydney, August 8th 2013 6:30pm - 9pm.
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Spend 3 hours in a private, closed-door seminar
with Australia's most successful dating coach and
discover proven techniques any man can use to
approach women, start conversations and build
attraction, anywhere!

From the desk of Danny:
Monday, 9:47 am

What if you could lock yourself in a room for a few hours with one of Australia's most successful attraction coach– and learn his newest secrets for attracting more quality women in 2013 - would you do it?

If you're smart and quick, then you could be one of 50 lucky men to reserve your seat at a premiere closed-door event called "Attraction Explained":

Where Danny will spend 3 hours sharing brand new techniques and methods you can use to attract more women into your life – no matter your looks, age, experience, nationality or income.

Forget boring speakers, forget the same old advice you've heard before, this event will be packed with videos, photos and even a networking session after the seminar for you to meet like minded guys.

So if you’re serious about learning the real secrets of attraction from Australia's best coach – then I urge you to register your seat at Attraction Explained – while seats are still available!

The Game Has Changed Forever

Women know about the Seduction Community.

Ever since "The Game" hit the best seller list in 2005 - women around the world have discovered most techniques used by "pickup artists".

Women have read The Game or heard about "negging" or "peacocking" and "openers" from girlfriends, newspapers, magazines or TV shows.

Men are getting BLOWN OUT everywhere because they’re using the same-old pickup artist techniques from 2005. And if this is you, then you are bound to get found out - and blown out - by women soon (if you haven’t already!).

So if you want to attract more women, get more dates, a super-hot girlfriend, or more sexual partners - then you need to learn the NEW art of attracting women in 2013. Not from reading some outdated ebook.

Attraction Explained will deliver hands-on training from Danny on how to attract more quality women into your life. Click here to register your seat today.

Reading Books Or Articles Online Is The
SLOW WAY To Success With Women …

Reading outdated books is the SLOW way to success with women. Most of the advice offered online is from men who hide behind computer screens, and have little or no results with women.

If you want to learn the real secrets on how to succeed with women, then you need to go "straight to the horses mouth" or "straight to the source".

Learn from a REAL expert who have massive success with women in the real world. Forget about pretend experts or internet experts.

The ONE place you can meet and learn from real experts is Attraction Explained in Sydney, August 8th, 2013 6:30pm-9pm. Click here to reserve your seat.

Discover New Field-Tested Techniques
For Attracting More Women In 2013 …

Proven Conversation Starters
Discover word-for-word conversation starters for meeting women in virtually any situation (supermarket, bars and clubs, etc).

Conversation Flow
Natural ways to keep the conversation going with any woman you meet until she discovers you’re an interesting and FUN guy ...

Destroy Approach Anxiety
How to become a man who naturally and confidently approaches desirable women everywhere – without fear or rejection.

New Attraction Techniques
Discover new undercover techniques for attracting women (no matter your looks or age) without using pickup artist tricks …

Sexual Escalation
How to "get physical" and escalate sexually with women – without getting rejected or being seen as creepy.
Escape The Friend Zone
How to avoid being put in the "friends zone" by women and have women wanting to be “more than friends” instead …

What Is The "Attraction Explained" Seminar All About?…

 Brand New Content ...

Forget the same-old pickup artist stuff you’ve heard before. You’re going to learn brand new, field-tested advice for attracting more women in 2013. These new techniques will give you an unfair advantage over most guys who won’t be attending The Attraction Explained seminar.

 LIVE In-Field Pickup Videos ...

Imagine watching LIVE videos of our experts "in action" approaching, meeting and attracting women right before your eyes! That’s exactly what you’ll get at The Attraction Explained Seminar.

Plus you’ll get to listen as we break down each pickup video and explain everything that is happening step-by-step. You’ll see what a successful pickup looks like in real life. But only at Attraction Explained in Sydney, August 8th 2013 6:30pm 9pm. Register your seat today!

 Free Bonuses Worth $197.00

If you register VIP seat then you will receive my popular bonus product (valued at $181.00) for FREE. These include ...

> Day Game System – Video with Richard La ruina
> Night Game System - Danny and Jack
> Asian Playboy Secrets – Video with J.T. Asian Playboy

Who Should Attend The Attraction Explained Seminar?

Have you ever wished you had the confidence to approach beautiful women in any situation? If so, click here.

Do you want to know exactly what to say to start conversations with women on the street, at the café, at a night club? If yes, then click here.

Do you want to spark attraction with women you meet and have women see you as a desirable and attractive man? If so, then click here.

Would you like to stop being dropped into "the friends zone" by women and have them see you in a sexual way instead? If yes, then click here.

Do you want to learn the best way to get physical and sexually escalate with women – without getting rejected or being creepy? Then click here.

Have you read "The Game" recently and want to get good with women fast and avoid all the mistakes beginners make? If so, then click here.

3 Solid Hours At The Awesome
York Conference Centre in Sydney CBD

Registration Is Essential
No Door Sales.

August 8th 2013 6:30pm -9pm
The York Conference Center
Level 2, 99 York Street, Sydney, 2000

You'll be learning from the best attraction coach in Australia for 3 straight hours.

Getting to and from the seminar will be easy, with public transport just a short walk from the hotel. The seminar location is right next to the QVB building.

What’s more, some of Sydney’s hottest bars and night clubs are located within meters from the seminar. So after some intense training, you’ll be able to visit these clubs, and put what you learn into immediate use!

Attraction Explained
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YES Danny! I want to attend The Attraction Explained Seminar. Please reserve my seat for me. I want to learn from Australia's leading attraction coach.

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2. VIP Registration

VIP registration allows you to experience The Attraction Explained Seminar in ways other attendees cannot. When you reserve your seat you’ll receive my FOUR (4) bonus programs valued at $197, these bonus programs will be emailed to you.


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