There are a few hints that I’ll say over and over again because they are key elements in ANY situation with a woman.  This is one of those hints.  Women LOVE guys that can make them laugh.  Laughter releases endorphins that make you feel good, happy, and stimulated.  That’s why funny pick up lines are so effective.

Laughter will loosen up anyone and help them to feel good.  Get her laughing and keep her laughing.  This will help you keep the conversation going without awkward moments coming up.  Funny pick up lines have a way of bringing flirting, teasing, and sexual feelings to the top of her mind.  Her attraction to you will be much higher and her guard will be much lower.

Here are some things to remember about using funny pick up lines:

  1. Stop and think about where you are.  What’s funny in a bar or club usually won’t have the same effect at work or in the supermarket.  Just make sure that your approach is appropriate for the situation.
  2. In any funny pick up line, your approach should be confident.  Be direct.  Women love the attention that they get when you approach them in this way.  When she’s laughing at what you’ve said directly to her, she’s more likely to be attracted to you.

Here’s a simple and easy funny pick up line for you.  You’re watching this woman in a bar where some guy has approached her.  If he walks away looking a little dejected, then you go up to her smiling and jokingly say “Hi there.  How did it go with that last guy?”  Teasing with her a little lets her know that you’re relaxed and confident.  Being a little ballsy is sexy to women.

Using funny pick up lines are attractive because they immediately display your sense of humor, your confidence, and your level of relaxation.  Get her laughing and you’re halfway into bed with her.


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