There are guys out there that want to date, have sex, and have a girlfriend, but don’t know how to do it.  Some are nervous when they are around beautiful women.  Some think that they have to look like Brad Pitt and have a lot of money.  Are you one of those guys?  Do you want to get girls?

The guys that consistently get girls are just average looking guys, with average income.  They don’t rely on luck, either.  They have developed a set of skills that have set them apart from everyone else.  The difference between the guys that get girls and the guys that don’t is simple – they believe they can get girls, so they do.

Knowing how to get girls isn’t difficult.  Once you realize that you have the power to choose which woman you want to date and have sex with, you’ve made the first step.  You see a lot of guys think that women have all the power in the relationship.  They think that it’s up to the woman to make those decisions.  Actually, it’s just the opposite.

Guys who feel inferior to women give off this negative vibe, like they’re waiting for someone to maybe, possibly notice them, and then they might get lucky.  No woman wants to date a guy who’s looking for the low-hanging fruit.  The guys that get girls, especially the beautiful ones, have confidence in themselves, are relaxed, and know what kind of woman they’re looking for.  They KNOW that who they date and have sex with is their decision.

And women love that confidence and decisiveness.  They’re turned on by the alpha male attitude.  They are primed and ready to go.  All that’s left to be done for that man to get girls is to choose.   Stick around and you’ll learn the techniques on how to be that man.

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