1113I often find that even some of my closest friends still make excuses not to approach women and one excuse is “I’m not in the mood”.
So how exactly do you ‘get’ into the mood to approach women – Simple! Just follow some simple tips below as these will put you in the mood to approach those ladies in no time:

Getting in the mood to approach women Tip#1

Go out with a friend and have a word for the night and the goal of the game is to say that word as many times in each interaction you have with a woman without her noticing it or pulling you up on it.

For example: My favorite word for the night is “ding dong” I’m usually out with my mate and I’ll be saying this word several times in sentences and make it flow. The girls have no idea why my mate is laughing uncontrollably but they’re intrigued.

This is a very fun game to play – try it next time you’re out with a buddy.

Getting in the mood to approach women Tip#2

Watch a funny movie before heading out. I watch ‘there’s something about mary’ or ‘wedding crashers’ this really puts me in a light hearted mood. ‘Family guy’ is also a great pick. That way you start off the night on a good note and you may also have a few jokes up your sleeve.

Getting in the mood to approach women Tip#3

Smile; just smiling will put you in a good mood ready to approach women. It’s also a fact that men that smile more often tend to be more positive and do attract more women. Everyone is attracted to positive, smiling people and not just women! So even if you don’t feel like it turn that frown upside down and crack out your best Kodak moment smile.

Getting in the mood to approach women Tip#4

1114Have ONE (1) drink. You’re allowed to have a drink to feel the mood and start approaching women however ensure that you don’t rely on it always. When I head out every now and then I have a few beers as I enjoy it and it adds value to my night. I most certainly don’t need them to approach women. However if you’re still feeling the anxiety maybe a little Dutch courage will do the trick though just make it one (1) drink for starters.

I hope these tips on getting in the mood to approach women helped you.

Your friend,

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