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Asking A Girl Out On a Date – Tips For Guys

When the time comes to pop the question and ask her out on a date the deliema is how do you do it? My rule of thumb is to not ask directly, instead assume she’ll come and merely propose a meeting place. Never call a meeting a “date” as it throws most men in a frame war where

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How To Attract Hot Women

It’s quite simple … Hot women love confidence. If you want to attract and connect with an attractive, intelligent and cultured woman then you need a big whammy of confidence. Think about it this way, if you’re an attractive girl and guys approach you left, right center etc buying you drinks, gifts, dinners and more, ……..

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Dating a Perfect 10 – Typical Hot Girl Mentality

Something to keep in mind is that attractive women and perfect tens are approached all the time, when they go out at night they’re approached, when they go out during the day they’re approached even when they’re doing the grocery shopping guess what … yes you got it … they’re approached by men.

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How To Date Younger Women – Quick Tips

Dating younger women is not as difficult as you might think. It’s a scientific fact that women mature earlier than men. Many times they’re tired of dealing with adolescent behavior in a man who is their age. There are a lot of young women who prefer to be with an older man because he is mature; someone that they feel they don’t have to raise.

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