Good pick up lines are great for opening up conversations with women no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  They will get a woman to smile at you and be friendly.  They’re also a great way to begin to entice her to have an interest in you on a sexual level.  However, good pick up lines are not the answer to your dating problems.

What good pick up lines won’t do is keep the conversation going.  They won’t increase her interest in after the initial approach.  And they won’t keep her smiling and engaged.  But, they are a good start.

Good pick up lines are a way to start a conversation that you need to continue.  If you make the conversation fun and keep things interesting, she’ll start to connect with you and can end up being incredibly open to flirting, kissing, and sex.

Here’s a key point you need to remember to keep the conversation going after using good pick up lines.  Make her feel good.  If you can make a woman feel good, then she opens up and becomes receptive to you.  You stand out from all the other guys who’ve approached her because you give her good, positive, and happy vibes.

Here’s a few ways to move her emotions and make her feel good:

  • Use humor in you conversations.  If you can make a woman laugh and enjoy herself you’re halfway into bed with her.
  • Show confidence.  Display your alpha male side by not being nervous, but relaxed.
  • Flirt!  Always flirt.  This heightens her sexual interest in you.
  • Be a little mysterious.  She doesn’t have to know your whole life story.  Tease her a little by not answering a question or two, in a friendly manner.  She’ll want to know more.

Good pick up lines are great conversation starters.  Here’s a favorite one you can use:

“Hey, I thought I’d be a little social, come over and say hi…I’m (your name) – what’s your name?” Women like this because you are not trying to trick them or get over on them. You’re just having a good time and would like to meet them in a friendly, cool way.

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