Flirting is a game that has many unusual aspects.  Now, you wouldn’t normally think that a woman would ‘get physical’ when she flirts with you.  However, it happens all the time, and mostly without men knowing when it happens.

Women who get physical do so when they flirt subtly.  They’re not grabbers, for the most part.  They flirt like this to cue you into become more intimate with them.  The keys for you are to know what cues to look for and when to respond.

Cue 1:  Leaning.

The movie “Hitch” with Will Smith shows some scenes of the importance of leaning.  I know this sounds pretty lame, but the truth is that women will do this very thing when they want you closer to them.  During conversation they will lean toward you in hopes that you will lean towards them and talk in a more intimate fashion.  It’s also an initial ‘snuggle tactic’.

Cue 2:  Talking sexy.

Talking about sex is a topic that’s usually started with humor, but there is a world of intent behind the joking.  If a woman is the first to start talking about sex, then she usually is thinking about it, as well.  Thinking about how it would be to have sex with you.  She’s also waiting to see how you’ll respond.  Will you respond by ‘just talking’ or by taking things to the next level?

Cue 3:  First contact.

It may be as simple as a touch on the arm or as bold as beginning to play with your hair.  But, make no mistake, when a woman initiates the first skin-to-skin contact, she wants you to touch her back.  Make your approach to touching equal to her approach.  If she touches you on the arm, begin to stroke her shoulder or upper arm.  If she begins by playing with your hair, then stroke her cheek, her chin, back of her neck, or run your hand through her hair.  If she draws her breath in quickly or shivers, you’re definitely in the zone.

Her pump was primed and she gave you all the signals.  Just follow her lead to a sexy and sensuous night that will please both of you.

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