Teasing is one of the easiest ways of becoming more attractive to women.  They love to play and be played with.  When teasing is done right, it can lead to a very intimate evening later on.

Being playful is extremely sexy and makes you very desirable.   However, being cocky and using sexual innuendo too quickly gives you the reputation of being a jerk.  Start slow and build.

You can tease her throughout the conversation, even from the start, as long as it’s friendly and she can tease you in return.  The aim at this point is fun.

As the evening progresses, make the teasing a little more intimate.  Tickle the back of her neck or pull her hair a bit.  This little bit of physical play is very sensuous and will make her want to do the same with you.

It’s at this point that coming on with a bit of sexual innuendo is most enjoyable and effective.  Start out by teasing her in such a way that she needs to make a comeback.  If her reply is simply an answer, she’s not quite ready.  But, if she answers with a retort that requires a comeback from you, she’s into you and the game your playing.

But, if she is not responding to this type of teasing favorably, then it’s time to back off.  Better to go back to something less personal or go to someone totally different then risk being labeled as a jerk.  That stuff gets around quicker than a bush fire.

Sexual teasing will also build sexual tension.  If is she is responding to the sexual teasing, then just keep going.  Before you know it she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you.  Then, she’ll let you know where she wants your hands to be, too.



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