Every human on the face of the planet is constantly giving off tell-tale signs of what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling through their body language.  The science of body language is a tool you can have on your side, if you know how to use it.

The body language you portray will tell a woman a lot about you even before you say a word.  You can project your sexuality and make a woman attracted to you with a subtlety that can take her breath away.

Your body language is actually molded by your mindset.  If your mindset is negative, then your body will show.  But, if you build up your self-confidence and choose a positive attitude, your body language will exude that positivity.

Flirting is about being fun, interesting, and enjoying the woman your with.  Your body language should be open and relaxed.  This is accomplished by keeping your arms unfolded, looking at her eyes, and smiling.   This open stance lets her know that your interested in her and are listening to what she is saying.

Leaning toward her will let her know that you are attracted to her.  Watch for signs of her leaning toward you, as well.

Try a little experiment;  Mirror what she is doing.  Mirroring is body language that says you are in sync with who she is.  Watch how she reacts to your mirroring.  More than likely she will come closer to you and begin to mirror some of you body language.

Raising your eyebrows momentarily lets her know that you are glad to see her.  Darting you eyes back and forth to her eyes, her mouth, her hair will make her realize that you want to touch her face and kiss her.  At this point her excitement will be very high.

And remember, a warm smile is one of the best body language tools in your arsenal.  Use it liberally.



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